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Moneydance 2008r4 and Development Update

Yes, we do know that it is now 2009 and has been for nearly six full months. There were just a few minor updates to the 2008 line that we thought you might need to tide you over until MD2010 is released. It is embarrassing to admit, but what we were calling Moneydance 2009 will now be called Moneydance 2010, although it will still be released this year (planning for around October).

Another goodie that will be released (as a private beta) any day now is the Moneydance iPhone (and iPod Touch) application. This is an app that synchronizes with the desktop Moneydance and allows you to record transactions and check out your balances while you are out and about. When you get home it will seamlessly sync with your desktop over wi-fi. We’re very close to a beta release with only a few bugs to iron out. If you’d like to be a part of the private beta, post a message to this thread.

As for today’s update, here is the list of things that have changed since MD2008r3:

  • Workaround for Java 1.6 launcher incompatibility on Mac OS X
  • Fixed memorization of expenses graph
  • Fixed bug in ‘dashboard’ net worth graph to properly account for stock splits
  • Added most recent OFX CA certificate
  • Fixed bug in online banking when there are multiple accounts per bank
  • Fixed bug in online connection setup that caused the same account to be listed multiple times for some connections
  • Fixed duplicate transaction prevention that caused investment transactions (and some others) to reappear after having been accepted in a previous download
  • Fixed bug in which the APR field is not saved for CDs
  • Fixed bug that caused editing a tag to delete it
  • Added Verisign Class3 CA Certificate to enable to keep working
  • Made OFX downloads for BANK accounts with type CREDITLINE map to credit card accounts instead of bank accounts
  • Updated OFX account info selection and connection handling to better support account information retrieved from banks as well as connections in which the bill payment account information is different from the transaction download information
  • Removed Command-D/Ctrl-D shortcut for deleting instead of downloading(!) a transaction
  • No longer attempt to retrieve updates to already connected financial institutions from
  • Popup date picker now hides after a date is clicked.
  • Popup date picker no longer displays if there isn’t enough room in the window

You can get the update from the usual place.

We’re Hiring: Programmer and Customer Support

If you’ve been reading the Moneydance support forums and mailing lists you know we’re working on a lot of projects at once here at the The Infinite Kind, LLC. So many things that we need a bit more people-power to make it all happen. If you or someone you know is interested in being part of our team, now is the time to join us. We are looking for one programmer (mostly Java/Swing, but a little Objective C would be nice) and someone to help support our customers. Please click “read more” to check out the ads and contact us if you are interested.

Java/Swing Programmer

The Infinite Kind, LLC is looking for a highly motivated Java coder to work for a rapidly growing independent software company.

Successful candidates will be responsible for helping design and code user interfaces for our desktop software as well as the model and controllers that tie it all together. Obsessive attention to detail is desired on our quest to release software that people find beautiful and enjoy using.

We want someone who:

  • knows Java inside and out
  • writes custom JComponents for fun
  • can work at least 15 hours per week
  • has completed or is working on a CS (or similar) degree

The best candidates will:

  • be familiar with Mac OS X and tools like Xcode
  • be friendly with a unix command line
  • dabble with other languages (especially Objective-C and iPhone SDK)
  • be able to show their coding abilities with past projects
  • do a dance of victory after squashing the hardest bugs
  • know the difference between DSA and RSA
  • show disdain for tabs in source code
  • be familiar with lots of open source (esp. Apache Foundation) projects
  • prefer Python to Perl

You want work that:

  • lets you work in a coffee shop or your pajamas (or both)
  • will be used by tens of thousands (soon millions!) of people
  • is on a 1099 basis (contracting, not hiring)
  • lets you exercise your creative and inventive side
  • supplies you with an iPhone and sweet laptop

Customer Technical Support

Our business is growing and really needs someone to help answer questions from our customers. The job requires about 20 hours per week but there’s additional work to be done (blogging, writing documentation, etc) if you’ve got more time. You can work anywhere that you’ve got a computer and internet access. You can work in a coffee shop, your home, or an undisclosed location (no former Halliburton CEOs please). The ideal applicant can work a few hours per day so that customers get a quick response. You should have your own computer to get started but if you’re a good fit I’ll supply a nice new laptop.


  • familiarity with installing and using software on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows
  • ability to trouble-shoot problems based on sometimes minimal descriptions
  • patience with inexperienced users, technical skill to keep up with the experienced ones
  • reliability


  • Someone who has used personal finance software to download transactions and/or pay bills online
  • Someone who enjoys working without someone standing over your shoulder
  • Someone who enjoys interacting with lots of different people

Please send resume/CV for both positions to

Moneydance 2008r3 Now Available

I’ve got a bad habit of waiting too long to make public releases of Moneydance. It is far too easy for me to keep making bug fixes and improvements to the ‘preview’ line of Moneydance and forget to update the stable line which most people use. Well, the wait is over and Moneydance 2008r3 is now out with a long list of improvements and bug fixes (see below).

With this release, and the completion of a recent server move, I will now focus all of my energies on two areas:

Moneydance 2009. There are lots of great changes in the works for MD2009 which I’ll now be able to give more attention and love. The big improvements are better reporting (including filtering by tags), making online functions require less interaction, and an even more streamlined/intuitive interface for things like budgeting. I’m aiming for a release near mid-February, but can’t make any promises.

iPhone app. The new Moneydance iPhone/iPodTouch application is coming along nicely. It synchronizes accounts and transactions with Moneydance over wi-fi and lets you enter transactions on the go which are then loaded into your desktop Moneydance when you sync. The app is fairly basic right now, but is getting close to being ready for an alpha release to a limited set of testers.

If you’ve already got Moneydance you can click on the “Check for new updates/extensions” link on the ‘home’ screen or you can get it from the download page. Here is the detailed list of improvements in Moneydance 2008r3 (compared to 2008r2):

  • Fixed main window sizing when running on windows and Moneydance is quit while the main window is minimized
  • Fixed column header display in income category registers
  • Homepage graph now shows grouped income/expenses in terms of base currency
  • Disabled payees are no longer shown in ‘Send Payment To…’ menu
  • More fixes to help window (only applies when running on older systems)
  • Added cmd/ctrl-D shortcut for downloading transactions in investment register
  • Fixed bug preventing preferences window from appearing when running on older systems
  • Fixed some keyboard focus issues in transaction register and splits window
  • Fixed calculation of semi-annual items in budget report
  • Fixed keyboard focus in account/category popup on linux
  • Fixed formatting of some security values in the register (removed extra comma)
  • Fixed focus/flicker problem in some secondary dialogs
  • Added button to reset the date used for synchronizing downloaded transactions
  • Fixed bug in income/expenses home page graph when values of different currencies are added without conversion
  • Fixed bug in which investment transaction reminders do not record
  • Fixed out-of-memory errors when archiving large files
  • Fixed bug in which batch-changing the description field doesn’t change the ‘other side’ of non-split transactions
  • Fixed change in transaction entry field appearance after recent update to Java on Mac OS X
  • Removed one pixel border from pie charts
  • Fixed bug caused by incorrect (or non-existent) sorting of budget items
  • Fix cleanup of temporary file when saving on systems that don’t allow renaming files over existing files
  • Fixed parsing of certain OFX 2 response headers
  • Include .png files in user guide
  • Changed line border for home page panels to match the toolbar background (light gray)
  • Modified account boxes on home page to show accounts with no name a bit more normally
  • Fixed bug in which having more than 512 currencies or securities would hose Moneydance if the exchange-rate/stock-price panels were set to appear on the home page
  • Fixed problem with incorrect offset of day headers in French and other week-starts-on-monday locales
  • Most error messages are now selectable to enable copy-and-paste

Payoff! Extension Update

Dave Wilson is thrilled to release Payoff! 2.00, an update to his Moneydance debt utility. This release includes:

  • a new HomePage View, for quick info about your debts
  • a Charts section, to get a picture of your payoff timeline and a composite view of your current debt and payment information
  • a combined interest rate, get the weighted average of all our debts’ interest rates
  • quick buttons in the schedule to jump to the payoff dates
  • balance remaining and interest paid information in the schedule
  • a new icon
  • plenty of bug fixes and cleanup

You can update or add Payoff! 2.00 now directly from within Moneydance by clicking the “Check for new updates/extensions” link on the main screen or by selecting the Extensions->Add menu.

Please submit any bugs or enhancement requests via the Moneydance Trac system at Be sure to select the “payoff-extension” component when submitting information in the Trac system. Feel free to contact Dave about Payoff! 2.00 by sending email to

Moneydance and Moleskines

As Gary V. Vaughan found out last year, Moneydance and Moleskines are two great tastes that go great together. Essentially store daily receipts in the Moleskin pocket and empty them out at night, while entering them into Moneydance.

I had been using my own version of this system until about September of last year, and it worked brilliantly for me.

Now that I have replaced my moleskin with a sleek little smart phone you may have heard of, I just take pictures of the receipts I get through out the day, and only keep the ones I need to keep. The rest go in the recycling bin as soon as I come across one.

How do you use Moneydance?

Moneydance 2008r2

After many months in “preview” release mode, the first update to Moneydance 2008 is finally here! This update has a large number of bug fixes and feature improvements, including the following:

  • Added option to store online passwords in the data file when file encryption is enabled
  • Added GTE Cybertrust certificate which is used for new American Express OFX server
  • Added display of cash balance, number of shares and value of shares to investment accounts on home page
  • Fixed automatic entry of new security prices from a non-base-currency investment account
  • Added preference setting to determine date window for potential matches to downloaded transactions
  • Added currency symbols and “(Expenses)” label in cash flow reports
  • Select the account under the cursor when right-clicking in the account or category list
  • Internal URL handler now opens http: and https: URLs in an external browser
  • Added popup display of splits and other information for the transaction under the mouse cursor when holding down the alt key
  • Increased contrast in Net Worth toolbar graph
  • Colors for same data sets in pie and line graphs now match
  • Visual improvements to graphs
  • Updated German, French and Italian translations
  • Filter capital gains report by date. Also display a message instead of a blank report if there were no gains for the selected date range
  • Income/Expenses thermometer graph now avoids jumping down a level when there is only one category in the thermometer if that one category actually has transactions
  • Updated transaction status icons to include an ‘s’ showing whether a transaction is part of a split
  • Setting the correct exchange rate for downloaded transactions that are initially assigned to categories with a different currency
  • Fixed a handful of bugs in the income/expenses graph on the summary screen
  • Fixed bug that prevented elimination of previously matched transactions from download list
  • Fixed NullPointerException error if the OFX authentication window is canceled
  • Capital Gains report now shows correct total line instead of zero
  • Reminders window now refreshes the list of reminders after a reminder has been edited
  • Removed confirmation for changing transaction status using the register’s context menu
  • No longer show non-reinvested dividend transactions in cost basis reports
  • Account balance graph now shows average of end-of-day balances instead of the balance after each and every transaction
  • If an existing transaction in the register has the same FI transaction ID as a downloaded transaction but the amount is incorrect or the date is off by more than 15 days then assume the transaction ID is incorrect and they are different transactions.
  • Fixed alignment of popup calendar when displayed in small windows such as reminder notifications
  • Fixed window layout and behavior when adding an extension that does not have a trusted signature

If you have installed the Moneydance Updater extension you should automatically be notified of the new version, otherwise you can download it here:

As always please let us know if you have any trouble updating. There are many options for getting help on our support page


Around 4am (Arizona), I woke up to the sound of my iphone doing a staccato dance on my night stand. We have been the target of a Joe Job. Essentially, someone (or more likely a spambot) forged their outgoing spam to have our support inbox’s email address as the sender. Due to the nature of email as a protocol, this is actually pretty easy to do, even if it is pretty evil minded.

This means two things. The first, if you sent me an email recently, I haven’t seen it yet. (the mail client I use) has had a rough time even staying connected to our mail server. I will try my best to sift through the thousands of out of office and bounce messages but I might accidently overlook yours in the cleaning. The second, this Joe Job makes it look like we sent people spam. We didn’t. We will never ever send you an email that you don’t want. We hate spam, and more importantly we have ethics.

Here at Reilly Tech, we do our very best to help our users; we don’t annoy them with advertisements in our software, we don’t sunset product features, and we sure as hell don’t send spam.

Moneydance 2008 final!

It’s been over a year since the first release of Moneydance 2007, and we’re happy to present the final release of Moneydance 2008. Final, that is, until 2008r2 is ready.

The high-level list of changes over Moneydance 2007 are:

  • Improved matching for downloaded transactions
  • Zoom-able home page graph for quickly exploring your income and expenses
  • Undo/Redo support when modifying transactions
  • Over/under budget highlighting in toolbar graph
  • Popup calendar for choosing dates
  • New Capital Gains report

…among many other bug fixes and interface improvements. For the download, just hit the usual place:

Of course we’d like to take a break after this release but there are just too many things on which we’re working. Stay tuned for more impressive features in 2008r2 as well as another unrelated application on which we’ve been working secretly for a while. Can you stand the suspense?!


Moneydance 2008 beta, build 604

Another beta version of MD 2008 is now available fresh from the oven:

It is likely that this release will be the version that is made public as MD 2008. There are a number of changes that I had hoped to include but that got pushed off to MD2008r2. The most prominent of those included remembering encrypted online banking passwords and one-click downloading of all accounts.

The changes since build 603 are below…

  • Fixed off-by-one date error on historic price calculation
  • No longer attempt to find similar or matching transactions in investment account downloads, fixing #1568
  • Fixed problem with account types being cut off in scrolling account/category popup
  • Minor tweaks to register fields and account popup code
  • Added drag and drop support for importing QIF, QFX, OFX, OFC files. Just drag the file to import into the main MD window or any register window (or onto the MD app icon on mac)
  • Added keystroke (cmd-d/ctrl-d) for downloading transactions from within a register
  • Got rid of icons for extension functions under the Extensions menu
  • Only show file name instead of full path in main window title bar when on a Mac (full path is available by cmd-clicking the proxy icon)
  • Fixed default import settings when we are creating a new data file from a QIF import
  • Got rid of confirm-transaction-changes preference as it is no longer used with new transaction editor
  • Fixed bug where negative actual income and budget amounts were drawn below the 0 axis
  • Increased maximum number of transactions displayed in homepage income/expense graph to 100
  • Transactions shown under homepage income/expense graph are now sorted by date
  • Improved storage of multiple account/category selection in memorized graphs and reports
  • cmd/ctrl-M now minimizes the main window and any secondary frames (but not dialogs)
  • updated built-in documentation
  • Additional/improved shortcuts for date fields including up/down arrows and spinning the month and year
  • Changed popup calendar date chooser to only display upon mouse click in date fields
  • No longer display black rectangle around most-recently-selected transaction (aka the shift-click anchor)
  • Fixed QIF export bug in which the sign of split amounts was reversed
  • Fixed focus issue with transaction register and transaction editor
  • Slight improvements to auto-create transactions behavior

I’d appreciate everyone checking it out and letting me know if you come across any problems in regular use. As usual, the best place to report bugs is

Best Bank ever?

Many of you already know Moneydance is one of the few applications capable of directly downloading your transactions directly from your bank. Sadly sometimes it’s not easy as it should be. Setting up direct OFX servers is costly for banks, and many opt to forgo that expense. Many instead use what is known as webconnect.

Webconnect is basically a mere lightweight alternative to true direct OFX. Instead of securely connecting to a dedicated OFX server, applications that use webconnect open a built in browser and then load up a secure webpage. And then it downloads a QFX file into some random folder somewhere on your computer and imports that into the software.

Moneydance doesn’t do this obviously. If you want to import a QFX file (or QIF or OFX files for that matter) into Moneydance, we urge to you to go to your Bank’s website and download it from there. Importing is a simple matter of opening the file with Moneydance. You can also import them via the import options in the file menu.

I like direct OFX connections; they’re simple and easy. Once you set up the connection details, all you have to do is hit download and bam! Your transactions are in your register, and you can go back to making mojitos for your loved ones. It really is nearly effortless.

But not all banks offer this service, because like I said, it’s pretty expensive to set up and maintain. But you know what? I think that cost is worth it. People switch banks to get this service. Right now there is a thread in our forums where someone is wondering to which bank she should switch her accounts. She wants direct OFX connections, and she wants them cheap (read: no fees!). I get several emails asking for the same thing everyday.

There used to be banks that offered free online banking, and not any of that watered down browser or webconnect based nonsense. Big banks like LaSalle and Netbank used to provide direct OFX for free. I wonder if there are any left that see the value in providing customers with such a vital service. Customers are clamoring for it.