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Moneydance 2008 beta, build 603

It’s been about two weeks since the last beta of Moneydance 2008, and we’ve fixed a ton of bugs in that time. This latest update is build 603 and can be downloaded from This is the fourth and possibly final release of the beta series and includes the following changes over build 602:

  • Relocated extension functions into the main Extensions menu instead of the extension toolbar popup with ambiguous icon
  • Fixed error in homepage income/expense graph when there is no data to graph
  • Fixed bug (#1523) with display of expanded/collapsed subcategories in the category window
  • Added “Show Transaction Details” entry to register popup which will display the XML encoding of the selected transaction in a text window
  • Fixed file saving on Windows (the Windows java broke the new save-to-tmp-file-then-rename function)
  • Keep mini-calendar lined up with date field when the field changes location
  • Display more appropriate day-of-week headers in mini-calendar
  • Get rid of annoying window asking for contact information on the first run
  • Fixed bug that caused seemingly random default dates to appear in new transaction editors
  • Fixed appearance of loan account register on mac
  • Fixed calculation of quarterly (tri-monthly) prorated budget items
  • Fixed background color of investment account tabs when not on a mac
  • Forced transaction editing fields to use the same font as the register
  • Made detailed balance HUD panel colors match the calendar popup
  • Changed popup calendar to not hide itself if a date is clicked
  • Pressing up or down arrows in the transaction status field will now display the status popup
  • Transaction status popup now shows the different status icons next to their label
  • Fixed account popup so that it doesn’t keep growing every time it is displayed
  • Fixed bug that prevented VAT/GST splitting from being applied to transactions since build 601 (when undo support was added)

Moneydance 2008 beta

Apologies for the infrequent blog postings, but this one should be worth the wait. Moneydance 2008 is now into its public beta stage of release which means that we think it might be ready for general use and there’s only a few more small changes to be made before the full release.

The current version beta is build 602 and was uploaded to moneydance last night. This is the third bug-fix release of the beta series and included the following changes over build 601:

  • GUI date-picker for all date fields
  • Fixed bugs when editing transaction reminders
  • Slightly fade the rest of the register when editing a transaction
  • Fixed bug that bypassed normal shutdown process when closing the main window
  • Switched back to the curly style thermometer graph zoomer and added some lickable enhancements
  • Fix ‘growing account popup’ problem for vertical growth, at least
  • Added helpful text to register quick-search field when empty

Build 601 included the following changes over 600:

  • Fixed bug that prevented creation of new transaction reminders
  • Fixed foreground color of main account popup
  • Fixed calculation and display (in budget editor) of budget entries for non-categories. Budget entries for regular accounts (investment, bank, cc, loan, asset and liability) no longer apply to sub-accounts.
  • Show appropriate increase/decrease labels in reminder transaction editor
  • Fixed calculation of investment transaction total amount when there is a fee and the txn type is a SellXfr or a Short
  • File saving now writes to a temporary file and then renames the temp file to the main file after writing has successfully completed. No more EOFException when (auto)file saving is interrupted by a crash.
  • Fixed cmd-Y/ctrl-Y hotkey to synchronize tax dates and regular dates in transaction entry
  • No longer add asterisk to title bar when there is unsaved data if we’re on a mac
  • Dimmed transaction register while editing a transaction
  • Fixed bug that prevented online transaction ID for downloaded transaction from being attached to local transactions. This is what caused the little ‘i’ to not appear on transactions that were downloaded.
  • Txn editor in register now fully closes (cancels) when the register is filtered
  • Added java property (“moneydance.checknum_series_threshold”) to allow people to tell MD to look a specified number of days backwards when finding the previous check number.
  • Fixed bug that made already-matched transactions appear as default options when they should be low-possibility options.

Build 600 had too many changes to list, so I’ll use the time saved to go work on the documentation.

[update: I guess I should provide the download URL]

Macworld Reviews Moneydance 2007

Macworld has just published a review of Moneydance 2007. We’re very happy with the review and would like to thank Macworld for taking the time to do it. As one of the commenters to the article mention, Moneydance 2008 will be arriving soon, and it will address the “interface quirks” that were the only downside described in the article.

Please also note that we have never advertised with Macworld and the review was not solicited by us, so rest assured that the article is not biased in our favor in any way. I especially appreciate how the article mentions some of the less obvious features such as how every amount field in Moneydance can interpret math expressions.

Thanks Macworld!

Moneydance 2007r5: Minor update

A few minutes ago I updated Moneydance to 2007r5 (build 587) which includes a few minor improvements over 2007r4. The primary changes are:

Version 2007r5 (build 587) includes the following changes:

  • Fees are now applied consistently to buy, sell, short, cover, buy+transfer and sell+transfer transactions
  • Fixed register alignment issues on Mac OS X leopard and earlier releases
  • Fixed low level error that prevented Moneydance from running on Mac OS X 10.2 and earlier

Many on the mailing list requested the first change on the mailing list and I’m glad to finally make this change public.

Please let us know if you have any issues with the update!

Moneydance on MacSanta


Last year, Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba ran a promotion called MacSanta in which each day a different piece of Mac software was provided at a significant discount. I’m pleased to announce that the promotion is happening again this year and that Moneydance will be taking part.

Moneydance was randomly chosen to appear on the first day of the promotion: December 1st. Depending upon your time zone and when you read this, right now may be the best time to get a 20% discount on Moneydance purchases. So hurry over to MacSanta to claim your seasonally discounted copy of the very best in personal finance software! After you’re done be sure to check back each day throughout December; several of my favorite developers have signed up for this promotion. You won’t want to miss any of them.

(note: In case it isn’t obvious on the MacSanta web site, just use discount code MACSANTA07 when you purchase Moneydance.)

Moneydance 2007r4: Leopard-ready update

As of last Friday, release 4 of Moneydance 2007 is available to anyone who clicks the “check for updates” link on Moneydance’s main screen. This update includes a few very important bug fixes as well as support for Apple’s upcoming release of Mac OS X, Leopard.

We here at Moneydance HQ are eagerly awaiting getting our hands on the new Mac OS release and can guarantee that any unforeseen problems with upgrading to Leopard will be swiftly remedied.

I’ve also heard good things about Moneydance running on the latest version of Ubuntu Linux, 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon.”

Moneydance 2007r3

I’ve just released the second update to Moneydance 2007. This update addresses the following issues:

  • Moneydance now detects when OFX servers ignore payment requests
  • No more invalid prices being entered into your security price history when recording non-reinvested dividend transactions
  • Changed toolbar buttons to appear correctly on Mac OS X 10.5

You can get it by running Moneydance and clicking the “check for updates/extensions” link on the home page. I’ll have the download page updated soon with installers for all major platforms.

Much less has changed in this release compared to the 2007r2 update back in August. We’re working away on a lot of great improvements for Moneydance 2008!

LaSalle Sold to Bank of America

As originally reported earlier this year, LaSalle (another bank that offered free OFX based Bill Pay) has been sold to Bank of America. ABN AMRO has been entertaining bids from Barclays for a potential merger for the majority of the year. A consortium of banks including the Royal Bank of Scotland, Fortis, and Banco Santander has set up a rival bid.

Regardless of which offer is accepted later this week, according to the International Herald Tribune, the sale of LaSalle to Bank of America has been confirmed.

“‘LaSalle customers and commercial clients can now enjoy the benefits of the largest retail bank in the nation,’ Kenneth Lewis, chief executive of Bank of America, said. LaSalle branches will begin to change to the Bank of America brand during the first quarter of next year.”

Of course, this has implications other than the possible dissolution of ABN AMRO. It has been suggested that with the acquisition of LaSalle, and the also recent acquisition of US Trust, Bank of America may now standing dangerously close to the 10 percent threshold. And that could mean more hassle for Bank of America users, both old and new.

NetBank/ING Update

Shawn Parr has some more information on the status of NetBank accounts that were taken over by ING Direct after NetBank’s shutdown. Apparently a customer service rep for ING indicated that online bill payment via OFX will stop working at some point.

As of yesterday (7 October) I was able to submit bill payments using Moneydance through my formerly-NetBank account, so this policy apparently hasn’t yet taken effect.

10 Commandments for Investing

Not coincidentally, I first started paying attention to my investments around the time Moneydance gained support for tracking them. Keeping all of my investment records in Moneydance forced me to pay attention to the transactions, fees and securities. Alan Haft has posted a nicely written set of guidelines for investing that I think are very helpful.

My favorite, predictably, is this one:

5. Watch your money

No one else will ever keep track of your money like you will. Don’t get lazy and stop paying attention. Read your statements every month and monitor your progress and returns. This is your hard earned money we’re talking about, and don’t ever forget that.

via boboroshi, who also happens to have designed and is an incredibly enthusiastic Moneydance user.