Hire The Infinite Kind

The Infinite Kind is an independent software development company based in Edinburgh, UK. In addition to developing Moneydance and SyncSpace, we occasionally take on development and consulting projects for others.

Your company can take advantage of the decades of experience that our team brings. Millions of clients every day are served by our code. We have highly acclaimed apps in the iOS, Android, and Mac app stores as well as cross-platform desktop software shipped directly to end users.

We specialise in software that crosses boundaries. Intuitive, beautiful apps and desktop software combine with web interfaces and scalable network services to accomplish any task you can imagine. We've developed software for governments, non-profits, financial institutions, schools, telecom giants, startups, and many happy individual customers.

The Infinite Kind was founded by Sean Reilly, the original developer of both SyncSpace and Moneydance. For two decades Sean and the developers at The Infinite Kind have built software in areas such as:

  • Personal finance management software with online bank interfaces
  • Vector-based shared drawing with scalable server architecture
  • iPad client, web app, and secure service for doctors to manage patient medical records
  • Global identifier system and resolution protocol *
  • Secure research digital object repository *
  • Visualization and analysis of satellite data for the ESA

We're ready to apply our skills to help your business. We can design and build your app, assist your internal developers, or even pick up where someone else left off. Contact us to find out how we can work together.

We're accustomed to building apps under no-publicity agreements, effectively operating similar to an in-house development team. However, occasionally we can publicise examples of our public work, here are some examples of apps that we've built: