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Announcing Moneydance 2014

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that Moneydance 2014 is now available for our direct download customers. If you’re a Mac App Store user then you’ll be able to update your version as soon as Moneydance works it’s way through Apple’s review process; which usually is no more than a few days.

If you purchased Moneydance 2012 then this update is completely free; which coincidentally includes all of you Mac App Store users. Anyone who purchased an older version of Moneydance gets a whopping 50% off the retail price when upgrading through the website; just a small thank you for being a loyal customer.

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SketchTo: Sketch & Share Your Ideas, Quickly

Ever found yourself searching for a pencil and paper to sketch out a quick idea or diagram? And then needing to show it to people or keep it for later reference once you’ve finished? SketchTo, a new app from The Infinite Kind, makes keeping track of your ideas effortless. It’s like digitally enhanced paper onto which you can add photos, maps, web pages, screenshots, text, and mark them up with freehand drawing; and just like with SyncSpace you can zoom, pan and rotate the infinite canvas too. SketchTo allows you to keep an entire compendium of sketches in your pocket!

SketchTo is the most convenient way to express your ideas and share them with friends, family or colleagues. Think of it like Drafts for drawings: Quick capture, flexible output, easy storage.

With a workflow that makes it a cinch to create new sketches, you can draw freehand, doodle on your photos, annotate screenshots, maps and even entire web pages; all with a fully-fledged tool set, on an infinite canvas that can be zoomed, panned and rotated.

The fun doesn’t stop there! When you’re done sketching you can share your masterpiece on Twitter, Facebook or Campfire, distribute it via email, send it to other apps, or even print it.

Powered by the same cutting-edge vector drawing engine in SyncSpace, everything you draw in SketchTo looks sharp; fuzzy edges have no home here. You can scale a sketch to any size and it’ll always look as crisp as the original.

No longer will you have to resort to using napkins or the back of an envelope; use SketchTo and have easy access to all of your ideas and notes.

SyncSpace 4 – Inky Lines, Private Servers and more!

Since early this year we’ve been hard at work on three major projects. Today I’m very pleased to announce that the first, SyncSpace 4, is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This is a major update in which the app has been improved in virtually every way possible.

First, there’s a brand new, cutting-edge vector drawing engine that renders beautiful, natural, inky lines.

We’ve completely revamped the drawing list design to use screen space more efficiently and show more of your drawings in the same amount of space, regardless of orientation.

We’re especially excited about native support for the Pogo Connect Bluetooth Smart Pen, including pressure-sensitive lines and improved palm rejection. The Pogo Connect pen support is tightly integrated with the aforementioned natural inky lines, making lines wider as you press the pen down harder.

The text tool has been completely reimplemented, including a hand-written font which makes typed text look as natural as the rest of the drawing.

You can now use your own private drawing server. If you’d like to retain control over your business’ or school’s documents, see our private server page for details.

The add-image function has been extended to enable the capturing of (full size!) web pages and maps that can then be marked up and annotated. Images can also be added from the clipboard. We’ve also added a shortcut to add the last photo taken. This makes it ridiculously easy to add screenshots and mark them up for bug reports, app design, and more.

Sharing has been expanded in this latest release, allowing the export of drawings to a large number of services and apps including Twitter, Facebook and Campfire, via email, attaching to a contact from your address book or even printing. You can also export with any app that accepts images or PDFs, such as DropBox, ClouDrop,, Instashare, Files Pro and even iBooks.

All new drawings now have syncing enabled. You are free to turn it off, but we figured that turning on syncing was a more sensible default.

This version of SyncSpace adds support for URL schemes so that it can be invoked from other apps or web pages. URL Schemes make it possible to create shortcuts to specific SyncSpace functions from external apps such as Launch Center Pro. See our URL schemes page for more information on the various functions that are available and how to invoke them.

A smaller improvement is the dedicated navigation tool which has been re-added, making it easy to avoid accidental touches when panning and zooming around a large or complicated drawing. The drawing list has also been reversed so that more recent drawings appear at the top.

If you find SyncSpace useful, please consider leaving a review or rating. It is very appreciated!

DuckDuckGo iPhone App

In addition to working hard on Moneydance and SyncSpace, we’re also spending some time on external projects. One such project that we’re especially proud of is an iPhone app for the fantastic DuckDuckGo search engine. DuckDuckGo is an incredible free search engine that is dedicated to maintaining your privacy and not tracking your activities online.

Aside from providing an amazing and privacy-protecting search engine, the new app shows the most fascinating and popular stories from all over the net.

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPod touch, please check out the app – it’s free!

Moneydance 2012.5

We’re pleased to announce that the fifth (and hopefully final) update to Moneydance 2012 is now available for direct download! We’ve submitted it to the Mac App Store as well, where it will be once approved by Apple.

This is a free update to everyone who has a license for Moneydance 2011 or 2012 and a half-price upgrade for those with earlier versions of Moneydance.

Here are some of the improvements in this update:

  • Brand new archiving mechanism, with an option to keep reminders in the archive file
  • Fixed bug which prevented importing QEM files from the Welcome Window
  • Fixed bug that prevented re-enabling direct-to-dropbox syncing
  • Fixed status message when syncing
  • Fixed bug that prevented connections to a couple of OFX services due to non-OFX certificates
  • Added CA certificate for Thawte OFX services
  • Added command-S (ctrl-S on non-macs) keyboard shortcut to force a save
  • Added option to suppress saving until exiting the app (or shortcut is used)
  • Added retina-capable setting to pre-Lion download (currently doesn’t work with the Lion/MountainLion apps)
  • Fixed bug in which moved or deleted external data files that had previously been opened by Moneydance were re-created
  • Workaround for a bug in which non-downloaded transactions that are marked as downloaded (from an extension) cannot be confirmed
  • Accept files ending with “.moneydancexml” in the File->Open file selector
  • Removed ability to batch-change accounts for transactions in investment accounts

We’re also making great progress on Moneydance 2013 and hope to have a beta release in a few weeks.

As always, an easy way to keep up with Moneydance’s updates, are to follow @moneydance on Twitter or to like us on Facebook.

SyncSpace 3, In Your Pocket

As of today you can have an infinite drawing canvas in your pocket! This major update highlights the core idea behind SyncSpace by helping you share visual ideas with anyone, anywhere. And as always with SyncSpace, others can contribute their sketches and ideas to your canvas in real-time.

SyncSpace is now a universal app, which means it works on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. It also means that if you’ve already purchased SyncSpace for iPad, you can download the same app to run on all of your other iOS (5 or higher) devices without any extra charge.

SyncSpace on the iPhone has all the features from the iPad, including external display (AppleTV/AirPlay, VGA and HDMI) support (great for teaching & presentations), an unlimited number of collaborators, freehand drawing, embedded text and images. It’s the best place to keep your idea sketches, but now it can stay with you wherever you go.

To get the update, open it in the App Store. You can also get a free trial.

Here’s a complete list of the improvements in this update:

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Moneydance 2012.2 Now Available

We’re excited to announce that the second update to Moneydance 2012 is now available! The update is available on the Mac App Store as well as directly from our site.

This is a free update to everyone who has a license for Moneydance 2011 or 2012.

Here’s a quick look at some of the improvements in this update:

  • Ability to keep files in any folder, including under Dropbox (not available in Mac App Store version)
  • Improved launch screen with options to import directly from Quicken Essentials, start with a QIF file, open an existing file, or to start a fresh new set of accounts
  • Record check number for submitted online payments from banks that provide it
  • Ability to import multiple QIF files in one step
  • Improved performance of file saving and prevent rare situations in which it could freeze the app
  • Suppress display of duplicate memo fields on the “other side” of transactions
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Improved performance and behaviour of Archive function
  • If only one Moneydance window is open then the command-W (ctrl-W on windows/linux) shortcut will not close it.
  • Restored file/document icon in the window title bar on macs
  • Fixed bug in which the number of days to sync to dropbox was not being remembered

As always, an easy way to keep up with Moneydance’s updates, are to follow @moneydance on Twitter or to like us on Facebook.

Moneydance and File Management

Now that the mad dash involved with releasing Moneydance 2012 is subsiding, I’d like to explain some of the most significant changes that we’ve made.

If you’ve been using Moneydance for a while and have an advanced workflow then you’ll have noticed that it now manages your files in a very different way. Rather than maintain data files in various locations across your computer such as Documents/Finances/, your files are now kept within a special folder that Moneydance manages. This has significant benefits, but it does come at a cost for people who prefer to manually manage their files. This post will explain the benefits and costs as well as how “power users” can migrate their workflow to the new system.

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