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Moneydance 2012 Now Available

We’re delighted to announce an update to Moneydance as well as a new way to get it if you’re on a Mac: the Mac App Store!

Some more great news is that this update is completely free if you already own Moneydance 2011! This free update only applies if you download directly from our site.

Here’s a quick look at some of the improvements in this update:

  • Runs in a protective sandbox on Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion
  • Internalized data storage to allow for upcoming improvements
  • Built in Dropbox syncing with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app
  • Increased level of data file encryption
  • Improvements to lots of minor UI issues such as window sizes, column widths, etc.
  • Improvements to behind-the-scenes online banking functions

Moneydance on the App Store includes the latest and greatest Java 7 (no need to download it separately) and it is fully compatible with Gatekeeper, the new feature on Mountain Lion that helps you protect from malware and misbehaving apps.

It’s been a great technical challenge to bring a multi-platform Java application like Moneydance to the App Store. In the process, we fixed several bugs in the OpenJDK project and contributed our fixes back to the Open Source community. We’ll post a more detailed review about this process later.

Moneydance for iOS Update 1.5

We’re delighted to finally announce the release of version 1.5 of the Moneydance app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!

The biggest change in this update is the addition of syncing over Dropbox. With Dropbox syncing you can record transactions anytime, anywhere and those transactions are synced whenever you are connected to any network whether it’s 3G, Edge or Wifi. The next time the desktop Moneydance is running, it will apply all of the changes made by any mobile apps.

This update makes it convenient for every iOS device in your household to have a copy of Moneydance with up-to-the-minute syncing.

Your finances are some of the most private information in your online life. Although Dropbox encrypts your data on the server, this wasn’t good enough for us. All Moneydance data that is synced over Dropbox is additionally encrypted using a 128 bit AES key that you specify on your desktop and on each device. This ensures that your data is completely safe, even if the bad guys get access to your Dropbox account.

For help setting up Dropbox syncing with Moneydance you can check out this knowledge base article or watch the exciting video demonstration below.

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If you have any other questions, visit and we’ll get you going!

For our Android-using friends please note that we’re working on an Android version but can not yet provide an estimate for its release date. In the meantime, we wholeheartedly recommend HandyBank for Android, which has gotten great reviews and already has Dropbox syncing (and budgeting!) so it is ahead of our own iOS app.

The Infinite Kind announces SyncSpace 2

Moneydance was created by The Infinite Kind, and we’ve been producing powerful and user-friendly software since 1997.  We’re a fairly small company, and most of us telecommute and travel frequently.  In the past few years our team of developers and support staff have traveled to Scotland, England, America, Hungary, France, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, and dozens of other countries.

We’ve had great conversations online in Campfire, shared information using Dropbox, and even experimented with Google Wave for a bit.  Still, something was missing- what we really wanted was a whiteboard.  We wanted to be able to draw a flowchart, UI wireframe or just brainstorm random ideas, to communicate visually in real time.

So we created SyncSpace, which allows people in different locations to sketch ideas together in a way that can’t be done with a phone call or video conference. People in different locations can easily work together to sketch their ideas, making it an ideal tool to illustrate a web site, app interface, magazine layout, architectural drawing, network architecture, or even a  picture of your favourite pet.

We’re excited to announce a huge update to SyncSpace, bringing it to version 2.0.  If you had SyncSpace 1.0, you’ll be automatically upgraded to SyncSpace 2.0 for free. This update includes a long list of improvements, including the following:

  • Insert & annotate photos in your drawing
  • Undo & redo
  • Discovery of nearby shared documents using Bonjour
  • External display mirroring (VGA, HDMI, AirPlay, AppleTV)
  • New tools with paging, zoom extents
  • Support for retina display on the new iPad
  • Choice of grid patterns and document backgrounds
  • Massive performance improvements
  • Sharing of document links via iMessage
  • Control of document orientation

In addition to the updated app for iPad, now anyone with a modern web browser can view SyncSpace drawings and see the drawings update in real-time using our new HTML5 document viewer! You can also zoom in or out and explore the drawing, or simply print a hard copy.

Still not convinced?  Download the free version from the App store- you’ll be able to create 3 documents to see if SyncSpace is the right choice for you.  If so, upgrade to the paid version for only $7.99- your current data will remain and you can create and edit as many documents as you like!

Looking for Developers

The Infinite Kind (the company behind Moneydance) is growing, and we’re looking for new members for our UK-based development team. If you are a settled UK resident (sorry, we can’t sponsor work visas) and a top tier developer then we’d love to talk to you. The full job description and requirements are after the jump.

We at The Infinite Kind are searching for a creative self-starter developer to join our expanding team in the UK. You will telecommute from home (or your favorite cafe) while designing and adding features to our desktop and mobile applications, Syncspace and Moneydance in addition to occasional outside consulting on interesting projects. As part of our team you will write code that is used daily by tens of thousands of people. You will be given the freedom to experiment with new designs and techniques while working with other A-level developers. In turn he/she can expect plenty of interesting work, a flexible work environment, and a highly competitive salary package.

The ideal candidate must have the following qualifications:

  • Demonstrable Java/Swing experience
  • SSL/TLS, and general cryptographic techniques
  • Unix (OS X, Linux or BSD) command-line experience
  • UI/UX design considerations
  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science or demonstrated technical expertise
  • Knowledge of HTTP internals
  • The ability and desire to work in a fast paced team

and be familiar with, or interested in exploring the following:

  • iOS/Cocoa Touch development
  • Android app development
  • Python scripting
  • Advanced HTML5 app development


Design, develop, test, and maintain intuitive desktop and mobile software using Java and Objective-C Communicate with customer service team to identify bugs, requested features, and update the products accordingly. You must be able to create beautiful software without a supervisor looking over your shoulder.

About The Infinite Kind

Founded in 1999, The Infinite Kind has created two highly rated apps, Moneydance and SyncSpace, while consulting on many interesting external projects. Our focus is moving towards more internal development, however we will still take only the most interesting external projects.

Syncspace is a unique and graphically rich application which allows users to express visual ideas collaboratively and in real-time. It allows 100% vector-based sketches and diagrams to be shared in real time, posted to Facebook/Twitter and emailed using PNGs or high resolution PDF files.

Moneydance is a cross-platform desktop personal finance manager with an iOS companion. It provides the ability to manage online banking and bill payments, track accounts, review budgets and optimise investments.

Please send us your CV along with a brief covering letter telling us why you are suitable for this position to If you’re a current Moneydance or SyncSpace user, please include that information in your cover letter

Our new, simpler licensing policy

Recently we made the decision to update and simplify our licensing policy. We had previously stated that people who use Moneydance could either install Moneydance on one computer and have as many people as they liked use the program, or install it on as many computers as they liked for the use of one person or couple. Our new licensing agreement is even simpler!

For personal use, people who use Moneydance should buy one license per household,  no matter how many computers you install it on, operating systems you use, people who use Moneydance, or data files you create. As always, we promise that we’ll never sunset our software, remove functionality from older versions, or force you to upgrade.

For business use, please buy one license per computer Moneydance is installed on, or per data file (on a shared network), whichever is smaller.  If you’re not sure, or you’re a non-profit or other non-traditional organization, send an email to and we’ll come up with a customized solution for your company.

Why are we making this change? First, because we recognize that the world is changing:  households may now be multi-generational, include blended families or housemates, or have other structures which are more complex than two adults sharing finances. Second, because we wanted to even further simplify our licensing agreement. Finally, we want to make it easier for kids, teens, and students to learn about personal finance, and we believe that Moneydance can be a great tool for the entire family.

As always, if you have any questions just drop us an email at .

Moneydance 2011r2

We’re pleased to announce Moneydance 2011r2, our first update to the latest version of your favorite personal finance app!

This update includes a long list of improvements, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Restored original transaction report
  • Added fiscal year options to preset date ranges for reports and graphs
  • Improved Mac OS X Lion integration
  • Added ability to mark accounts and categories as “inactive” so that they no longer appear or count towards balances
  • Filtering of duplicate downloaded transactions from some misbehaving online banking services
  • Improved look and feel in many minor ways
  • Improved handling of inter-currency transactions
  • Significantly improved reliability of downloaded transaction cleanup/merging
  • Added register filter for showing only unconfirmed transactions
  • Improved automatic cleanup of QIF imports

Please check out the new version and let us know if you encounter any problems or have requests for the next update! In the meantime, we’re working hard on an update to the iOS app as well as a major SyncSpace update.

HandyBank for Android

We are extremely pleased to announce that anyone with an Android device can now sync their accounts, transactions and budgets with Moneydance on their desktop.

Thanks to our long-time partner Mennē Software Solutions who has released HandyBank for Android

HandyBank is a perfect companion to the desktop version of Moneydance, and is meant to allow quick entry of transactions while keeping track of your budget while on the go. Accounts, categories, recent transactions, and budgets are synced to your Android device and transactions entered or modified on your mobile device are synced to your desktop. HandyBank can sync with Moneydance either via wifi, like the iOS app, or Dropbox which allows you to sync without needing to have Moneydance running on the same local network at the same time.

HandyBank uses industrial strength encryption to keep your data safe even beyond the protection offered by your wifi network or Dropbox.

Mennē Software Solutions has even promised to donate 20% of the proceeds from HandyBank sales to charity! Check out HandyBank on the Android Market!

Moneydance is ready for Lion

We at The Infinite Kind are as excited as anyone about the imminent release of Mac OS X Lion. We are also happy to report that Moneydance is fully compatible with Lion and our customers can expect a smooth transition to the new system.

Currently most of our effort is going into a 2011r2 update as well as some big improvements to the Moneydance app for iPad, iPhone and iPod.

If you’re looking for an alternative to your previous financial manager, we encourage you to check out our free trial.   When in trial mode the only limit is on 100 manually entered transactions, so you can import, download, budget, invest, and pay bills online until you’re sure that Moneydance is for you.

Installing and running Moneydance on Mac OS X Lion is involves 3 easy steps.

  1. Download Moneydance 2011 for Mac and drag it to your Applications folder
  2. Double-click to start Moneydance
  3. You may see the following window when starting Moneydance for the first time. Click the “Install” button and Mac OS X will take care of the rest.
    {% photo Install-Java-on-Lion.png %}

You will only see this window once, and Moneydance will start after the install process finishes.

Moneydance 2011 is Here

As many of you know, we’ve been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the latest version of Moneydance, and we’re thrilled to announce that Moneydance 2011 is finally here! The new build has the same familiar checkbook-register interface and all of the features of our earlier versions, but we’ve made the software more intuitive, more customizable and, most importantly, added a whole host of new features that make the program even better!

Here’s a quick recap of some of the features that are new in Moneydance 2011:

  • Direct import of data from Quicken Essentials for Mac
  • Completely new interface for managing downloaded transactions, designed to minimize the effort required to keep your finances up to date
  • Additional Graphs and Reports, including a transfer report to help you analyze money flow between accounts
  • Multi-currency improvements making life easier when managing international accounts and investments
  • Instant access to bank websites from within the program
  • Enhanced report printing

So now that Moneydance 2011 is all ready to go, what’s the next step? Well, to try it, of course! If you’re a first-time Moneydance user, you can download our fully functional demo (allowing up to 100 manually entered transactions). Current Moneydance users can find out if they’re eligible for a free upgrade by entering their key here. Don’t forget to keep in touch, too! Moneydance loves social networking, and customers who “like” us on Facebook or tweet about @moneydance will get a 20% off discount code.

Stay tuned for blog updates as we celebrate this latest version of Moneydance and dive into some new features in our Moneydance in Action Series.

We’re so excited to be releasing Moneydance 2011, and are looking forward to sharing all the new (and old) ways Moneydance can help us track, manage and analyze our money. Thanks to the whole Moneydance community for helping to make this latest version what it is!

The Moneydance 2011 Preview is here!

It’s been an exciting weekend for us at The Infinite Kind- one of us is at SXSW and the rest were hard at work polishing up and releasing the first preview build of Moneydance 2011.  So what’s new?

  • Streamlined downloaded transaction matching, combining the best of the 2008 and 2010 strategies.
  • Split register view- see unconfirmed transactions separate from or combined with your register.
  • Automatic “best guess” categorization of all downloaded transactions.
  • One click links to your bank’s website for easy downloading.
  • New reports, standardization of current report formatting, and allowing transfers to be included in the income and expense report.
  • Automatically saving the last settings of your reports, even if they’re not memorized.
  • Improvements to printing, including the ability to print your budget.
  • My personal favorite, cumulative stacked graphs in both the Income and the Expenses graphs.
  • Many more smaller visual and behind-the-scenes improvements.

Please keep in mind this preview build is beta software and may contain bugs, but if you’d like to check it out or help us test you can download Moneydance 2011 here. For those of you who’d prefer to hold out for the full release, we’ll post again when it’s available.  As always, you can install the Moneydance Updater extension to be automatically notified when a new preview (or stable) release is available.